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Free Online Builder to Launch Powerful eCommerce Store Or Website Without Ever Paying Recurring Fees

  • Muliadi Sia, May 2022

  • With DashNex PowerTech you can launch a website or store in minutes

    Depending on your business or idea, decide whether you want to launch a store or a website, or both and just pick the name for them.

    Use the launch wizard to add a few basic details about your store or website - such as name, address, and launch it in seconds.

    The store or website will be instantly created with all the cutting-edge functionality available out of the box - nothing to install or configure.

    If you're building a website, just pick a template that you like, customize your site's look and feel using the state of the art LIMITLESS Editor, and publish your website.

    If you're building a store, just import your products, customize your product pages, and start to sell online.

    It is that simple to start!

    There are hundreds of features available for FREE today and new free features being added weekly, thus there are endless opportunities for you to grow your website or store online on the DashNex PowerTech platform.

    Additionally, there is 24/7 help for EVERY STEP along the way.

    The platform is designed with SIMPLICITY, SPEED, and RESULTS in mind

  • Limitless Editor

  • A combination of 4 editors in a single, seamlessly integrated suite gives you the power and abilities regardless of your skill level and experience.

    Launch your website with a template and customize it with the Inline Editor. Use the Drag & Drop Editor to build your website from scratch.

    If you are a more advanced user, plug yourself into the Code Editor and make anything happen. The Limitless Editor gives you choices you won't find in any other website builder.

  • Source Hosting & Speed Optimization Engine

  • It's all about the SPEED. If your website is loading slow, it doesn't matter how beautiful it is because no one will see it.

    DashNex has built the most powerful speed optimization engine right inside the source hosting.

    On other platforms a feature like this would set you up with hefty monthly fees. On DashNex PowerTech, it's ALL INCLUDED.

  • Conversion Optimization Engine

  • Starting from timers and progress bars on the page, up to bundles, linked products, dynamic free shipping bars, and UNLIMITED promo codes - everything is designed with RESULTS in mind.

    You'll be able to sell more because the pages convert higher without you becoming a conversion optimization expert.

  • 1-Click Product Import

  • Existing inventory can be imported from a file in no time at all. If you're looking to build a dropshipping store, there is 1-click product import from AliExpress.

  • Product Reviews Engine

  • Reviews are the primary sales force of selling online. 

    You have full control of what is displayed online, and you can reward customers by automatically issuing a unique discount code for each reviewer.

  • State Of The Art Cart And Checkout System

  • The check out system is built from the best of 'WHAT'S WORKING TODAY'. You get a TOP LEVEL cart and checkout system out of the box.

  • Advanced eCommerce Tracking

  • It takes seconds and zero fees. Jut copy & paste the original code by Facebook and Google.‚Äč

    Typically, on other platforms, this would require an additional app, a professional consultant, and countless iteration before you get it right.

    In Addition To The Store Builder and Website Builder, You'll Also Have Access To DashNex PowerTech PRO

  • Pro Blogging Mode

  • Launch a professional blog with 1-click without the need to install plugins, apps, or do complicated setups.

  • Collection Mode

  • Highlight a special promotion or build product collections that speak to your customers.

  • Product Feeds

  • Tap into the SHOPPING TRAFFIC on the 3 biggest networks online.

  • Abandonment Lab

  • Recover as much as 60% of otherwise lost sales, and it takes just 1-click to activate.

  • Upsell Lab

  • Create simple or sophisticated sales funnels to double or even triple the average order value on your store.

  • Conversion Lab

  • You can offer free dynamic shipping, encourage customers to complete the checkout, or highlight the most profitable offer on your page resulting in more sales.

  • User Manager

  • Give specific, SECURE access to your team members to manage day-to-day operations.

  • EasyOptins Mode

  • Build an email list or create highly engaging contact forms without the need of 3rd party services.

  • Pro Search

  • Developed to help store visitors find the exact product they want as quickly as possible.


    Automation is everything.

    PRO CONNECTOR was developed to connect your store (and soon your website as well) with thousands of applications.

    Through Zapier app connect Google Sheets, Slack, and Facebook, all the way up to sophisticated customer management systems or email service providers.

    Automation gives you FREEDOM, and that's exactly what you get with DashNex PowerTech PRO


    You'll also have lifetime access to the DashNex PowerTech Pro Facebook Group.

    It's a group of some of the most dedicated PowerTech Pro members using the DNPT platforms, and you'll get to meet and interact with them.

    The DashNex team is also in the group answering questions and helping members get results.

    There are also, from time to time, LIVE interactive sessions teaching business lessons and how to use the power of DashNex platforms!

    "I took up their offer, and I'm super impressed with the support provided. Over the years, I have used several different providers, but Dashnex support is the best I have seen. Awesome!"

    Trevor - Australia

    Conclusion: The Value is Immense

    Overall Rating


    Ease Of Use
    Value For Money

    Right Now, There Is An Extremely Limited Time Offer For A FREE License To The DashNex PowerTech Online Store And Website Builder AND A FREE License To DashNex PowerTech Pro!

    The DNPT Store Builder and Website Builder License (Normally $497/per year)... FREE with this offer!

    Access to The DNPT Pro tools (Normally $97/month)... FREE with this offer!


    DON'T wait to claim this offer, You have NOTHING to lose!

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